Just Trust Me Cake


If you are a fan of chocolate chip cookies and cool whip, you’ll LOVE this!

This is so simple, I’m embarrassed to give you the recipe. I got this from my, at the time, 17 year old cousin, Kevin. If a teenage guy can do this anyone can! I’m not sure if this has an official name. When Kevin was making this for us all he kept saying was “Just Trust ME!” to all my interrogations. So my family and friends call it just trust me cake.

What You Need

 8 oz tubs of thawed cool whip (it’s just easier if it’s soft, you can fight it frozen if you want).

1  package of chocolate chip cookies (I buy whatever is on sale, but my Hubby favors Keebler).

2% or Whole Milk in a small glass or cup (you will need between 8-12 oz give or take)

Any kind of container you want to hold your dessert. In this case I was only making individual servings. if you were using a 9 X 13 I would suggest 2 packages of cookies, and a 16 oz cool whip tub.

1 spatula (or spoon for spreading)



Step 1: Dip a chocolate chip cookie into the milk

When I Dip You Dip We Dip

Step 2: Place the dipped cookie into the pan of your choice.

Perfect fit!

Step 3: Repeat steps 1&2 until there is a bottom layer of cookie. When you get to the edges you may have to break the cookie in half to make it fit.  For me, I had a small container. You may need 9-11 Cookies for an 8×8 pan.


Step 4: Spread an even layer of cool whip on the layer of cookies. You can make this as thin or thick as you want.

Spread the Cool Whip

REPEAT STEPS 1-3 And make another cookie layer

Another Layer of Cookie

 and make another cool whip layer. 

Another cool whip layer


You can make as many Cookie and Cool Whip layers as you want. I usually stop after 3 cookie layers =)

STEP 5: Cover the pan, and put it in the fridge for 15-30 minutes. You can let it sit for 10 if you don’t want to wait. My hubby thinks this tastes even better the next day, after it has set over night.

Finished Product!


If you have extra ingredients leftover, make some for your neighbors!

Neighborly Love


Try it out, tale pictures. SHOW ME how you did! How do you like it?!? Try a different cookie (we were debating with trying out “Birthday Cake” Oreo’s).

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