Meet Natty, Our Beautiful Navy Mom


Natty our Navy Mom

This mom here joined the Navy when she was 17 years old with the plan of doing 4 years, getting out, going to college, and marrying her high school sweetheart. As we all know, planning doesn’t always work out. One year after joining the Navy, she found out the “love of her life” got another girl pregnant. So for a bit she was single. It was cool though, because the boat was all over the Mediterranean.  So partying overseas sort of dulled the pain.

Natty our Navy Mom

A couple of months before she turned 20, another guy came along. He was handsome and knew exactly what to say. Which now “this mom knows” is a red flag! They dated for two years.  She decided to reenlistment for another tour, and take orders to Iraq for a year. There was a going away party and her boy friend was her DD. Long story short, when she showed up to medical she was told, “you know you can’t deploy because your are pregnant.”

Natty our Navy Mom

Pregnancy taught me that I can love someone I don’t even know. It also taught me that I cannot trust love blindly. It’s was the most wonderful and most painful time of my life  This guy showed his true colors from the moment I said “I’m pregnant.” To this day I have no regrets.  Every negative feeling that was endured,  was worth it. I was never physically abused, but the verbal abuse was almost unbearable. Finally, during my 7th month everything made sense. Turns out he had found another girl, and wanted nothing to do with me. And just like that, I became a single parent before my baby was even born.

Love at first sight

On my 38th week I went to the beach. Afterwards, while doing laundry, my water broke. My mom rushed me to the hospital. 14 hours of labor brought  me to this tiny little guy. He made me fall in love all over. He is now 5 years old.  I’m still a single mom, but because of that tiny boy,  I still hope and dream. He did, however,  give me the drive I needed.  While being active, I completed my bachelors , and got a house. I continue to work hard in the Navy and hopefully retire one day.

Natty our Navy Mom

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  1. Reply Galita P. Larenas

    I am the proud mom that rushed my beautiful daughter to the hospital to deliver the most handsome and healthy boy. The head nurse gave the scissors to cut the unbilical cord, thenafter she gave me the baby for me to place him in my daughter’s arms. To say loudly, I became the happiest grandmother or (agui”) on earth. When he started to speak one of his first words was “agui” (I love this name), so I was baptized then because he couldn’t say “abuelita”(grandmother in Spanish). Now he is 5 years old, ready to start his Kindergarten, and I pray to God to always keep him safe and out if trouble.

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