The Week Before the Road Trip


Am I the only person who has a LOVE/HATE relationship with road trips and family vacation?!?                                                                                                      roadtrip with thismomhere and family


So as you may have guessed, the family and I are going on a road trip to Orlando. We are blessed, that Orlando is only a 3 and a half hour drive. I have met people would have driven over 24 hours (or spent a fortune on plane tickets alone) justto get to. . . . ORLANDO!!  BUT STILL, I never knew how stressful a road trip could be until I did one with my KIDS! My mother thinks I’m crazy, and maybe I am, but I just hate the feeling of failure. If my kid has a meltdown (which one of them always does) I feel like I didn’t do something right.

I found pinterest ideas  to help entertain, feed, and keep my children overall HAPPY. I cut things out, laminate, prepackage, make organizers. . . .all this crap and HOPE all my efforts work! This time around, I said “SCREW IT!” . . . .  Then I changed my mind and planned like a crazy woman again. I have a snack box for my 6 year old to have for the trip, and they both have DVD plays, plus, we will be traveling during my 2year olds naptime (this could be great, or a HUGE mistake).

kiddos sleeping and entertaining themselves on a roadtrip

This got me thinking, how in the heck did I survive my family road trips from Houston Texas to Akron Ohio as a child. We didn’t have DVDs let alone portable DVD players when I was a kid! I slept a lot, played with figurines, and ate all the junk food I could stuff in my face. I remember LOVING our road trips though.

I realized as a mom, I stress myself out for no good reason. I say this knowing I will most likely do it again this trip as well.  I am going to try my hardest to not sweat it if my 2 year old has a meltdown, because I seem to be the only person who realizes HE LOVES HIS NAPS (makes me anxious just typing this). If my kid wants cotton candy instead of the 200+ snacks I bring to the park, I may just let her have the cotton candy. If nobody has a plan of action. . . I will be patient. I do not want to be that dictating woman that everyone rolls their eyes at when she’s not looking.

daddy and aj taking the luggage down

This is supposed to be fun. This is where my 6 year old will cherish her memories with us a family. if she’s a little rambunctious, it’s because she is excited to be where she is at. I won’t care what everyone else in the park thinks, because I will most likely never see them again in my life! So here’s to road trips, chaos, meltdowns, smiles, and family love!

thismomhere and family enjoying north carolinas beautiful lakes


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  1. Reply Dad

    You were very easy to travel with as a child… you were only awake for 15 – 20 minutes at a time. Mostly only when we had to make gas stops, and you could never turn down the chance to get some “Gas station” food! Come to think of it… I think you are now a 7 Eleven junkie 🙂

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