To the Mom Living with hurt


Waiting on light

To the Mom living with hurt
You are Not Alone.
When you wake up just¬†wanting to close your eyes again, in hopes that something will change…
You are Not Alone.
When you take one more glass to dull the hurt in your Heart…
You are Not Alone.
hurt can only hurt as much as you let it.
Don’t let the hurt turn into hate.
hate ruins the Heart,
and your Heart is more valuable than any currency comparable.
YOUR Heart is Priceless.
hate has nothing on you.
…And if it does,
hate Can Be Removed by Healing.
hate cuts your life time.
Healing uses your life time,
and in time Healing happens.
Your life can be Healed.
Healing will remove your hate,
and fix your Heart that is hurt.
hurt brings hate to your heart,
But YOUR Heart can be Healed
from hurt
with Love.
You are a Heart worth Loving!
Even while hurt, your Heart is loved.
Love  yourself.
Love how you battle life
even while hurt.
Be proud to push through each day.
Show hurt who’s boss.
You control your mind,
not hurt or hate.
Your heart may feel broken with sharp edges,
in time
Healing happens…
IF you choose to Love YOURSELF enough to do what is right.
You can do this
Written from a mom
fighting hate away
and being patience with time
to heal.
Light on the way

light is on the way

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