This MOM Here is all about working out right to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Gas in My Tank

sauteed veggies with rice and beans

Lets get one thing clear… I am the WORST sweet tooth on the planet! My parents, husband, and cavities in my mouth will vouch for me. ALLLLLL day long I think about what I’m eating, what I ate, and what I will be eating later! I have never been excessively obese, but I have been […]

This Mom Here 5 More Burpee Challenge

3 week workout progress

Last year, I was in the best shape of my life. I had a “4 and a half Pack” showing in my abs, and I had good definition in my arms. I got this way from a challenge I found from Joe DeSena on He basically said that if you wanted to prepare for […]

Quality Dates That are Healthy for the Wallet

thismomhere enjoying the beach with husband

Usually Monday through Friday, I am potty training, cleaning, folding, chauffeuring, cooking… You get the picture. For a while, I felt like that was I was ever doing. So I made sure to have “ME” time. During this time, I would watch MY SHOW (probably little house on the prairie or dance moms…Don’t judge me), […]

Little Bit Disease

thismomhere crafted a wreath for her grandma

I have this disease. . . It stops me from excelling in ANYTHING. I struggle to keep it under control. it’s called “Little Bit Disease.” It has been professionally diagnosed by myself. You see, this disease hinders me from being GREAT at ANYTHING. I can only do a little bit of EVERYTHING. . .                […]

Secrets Behind the Adventures

thismomhere just finished armageddon ambush with husband

   I’m all about new adventures! Especially, if I get to share them with my Husband. Last year, we started a new adventure in 5ks and obstacle courses. This year we ran our 2nd Armageddon Ambush. This is a mud run, color run, obstacle course all in 1 5k. Last year, there were obstacles I […]

A Face Behind the Thought

Christine in wedding dress - A Face behind the thought

Once upon a time, there lived a loving adventurous little girl. Well actually, she was never really THAT little compared to other girls her age. She was always the taller string bean of the group. This little girl grew up in a Suburb of Houston TX, LaPorte. She jumped fences, traveled through storm pipes, and […]

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