Labor- Epidural or No Epidural… That’s not a Question!


Every mom has to make a decision during pregnancy… What kind of methods will they choose during Labor and Delivery. #thismomhere is NOT going to give a “right and wrong” way of delivering a baby. BECAUSE THERE ISN’T ONE! I am however going to give my experience with having an epidural, and delivering med free. No my laboring never lasted more than 14 hours(for either child) , and my drug free birth did NOT sound harmonious and relaxing. I did, however, experience both methods. I am constantly asked which way did I prefer. I will explain (without too many gory details) both circumstances, and give my answer after.

first prego photoshoot

took these on a Sunday, delivered that Tuesday!

This was my first child. It was my longest labor. I was inexperienced, and young (22). I had 12 hours of FALSE labor (contractions 3 minutes apart, lasting for a minute or longer). I was exhausted and wanted sleep. . . So when I FINALLY got my God Given Gift of an epidural I slept for 4 and a half hours. I was up and walking when the nurses told me too, and feeling fine.


– I got low blood pressure (they shut off my epidural right before pushing)
– I couldn’t feel the “pressure” of my body telling me to push
– I had to stay 48 hours in the hospital, after I gave birth

Baby's Here

First Baby

I don’t regret getting the epidural. I am grateful for it. I am someone who NEEDS SLEEP, I would have never been capable of pushing my daughter out, if I hadn’t gotten that nap.

2nd prego photoshoot

momma belly #2

My body knew what to expect the 2nd time around. Laboring from beginning to end was only 7.5 hours! I researched pain coping methods. I will tell you RIGHT NOW Being mentally strong is CRUCIAL. My friend, Jennifer, is a doula. She told me when you start to feel a “surge” know that your body is working, and your baby is trying to come out. Don’t fear the oncoming contraction. Because then your brain senses your fear, and tells your body to tighten up. Keep your muscles loose so your body can HELP your baby come out, not Fight your baby.

– No blood pressure problems (or health problems for me or baby)
– I could feel the urge to push (whether I was ready or not), and worked with my body.
– I got to leave the hospital (with my baby) the next day!

My poor supportive husband will tell you, I screamed octaves I never thought possible (the head hurts, but the SHOULDERS getcha!)


Hello Baby

So for maybe 2 hours of no epidural labor, I was begging for one. In the end, I would have another child without an epidural. That’s just me, though. In my eyes, I’d rather endure unthinkable pain, and it be all over INSTANTLY; than extend the labor time, and have to wait before I can walk and pee on my own. I hope this helps any mommies-to-be. Feel free to ask any questions I may not have addressed!

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