Theme Park Vs. Beach House Vacations


My family and I just got home from our first “bulk family” Beach House vacation. The house had 15-16 people in it for a week. So you can imagine the ups and downs we had. Last year my family had a Theme Park (4 day) get away. There were 8 people in the house for this trip (and only 2 were kids). Less craziness, but still doubled our family size. I enjoyed both trips very much. So I decided to make a pros and cons list for both types of vacations. Here Goes:

Theme Parks

family pic


  1. The kids enjoy Theme Park Entertainment
    Princess for a day

    At the time the Elsa dress was either sold out or $100 +. . . So mommy, and Tata (my mother-in-law) did our best to make My little Princess an Elsa Dress

    – It’s not everyday, your kids can drink “Butterbeer,” dress up like a princess, or ride kiddie coasters.

  2. The Joy you feel from your Kids’ Joy

    Splash Mountain

    We all enjoyed this ride together!

    terror pic

    At 5 years old she rode this “scary terror ride” 3 times!!

    – There’s nothing better when you and your child both are smiling from the excitement of a show, character meet and greet, or roller coaster ride.

  3. Variety

    princess show
    – In one day, you and your family can watch a live show, be entertained by a vibrant parade, eat food that’s only at theme parks and carnivals, and be a part of rides that awaken your kids imagination.


    – Despite all your planning, you always end up paying theme park prices for tickets, souvenirs, food, or parking.
  2. Lines
    – with young kids, lines can make everyone stressed. You can’t really get away from them, because lets face it, everyone wants to meet that “Mouse.”
  3. Naps
    stroller nap

    these are never very long naps.

    – Some little ones can manage lots of excitement with no nap, but my 2 year old just ends up having a meltdown. Theme parks aren’t ideal for your everyday scheduled naptime.

  4. Walking
    – Even with a stroller, the walking in the heat all day long gets to you.


Beach House

Family trip



  1. Relaxing
    Down time

    My favorite down time was the time I spent with my family. We are kids at heart!

    – You will have more opportunity for ADULT down time. During naptime, bedtime, or any other time your kids are playing nicely, you can have some quiet time.

  2. NAPS
    Sleepy boys

    Beach visits make everyone nap; including daddies!

    – My son got a nap EVERDAY during our beach vacation! When we were at the theme parks, I was lucky if he fell asleep in his stroller.

  3. Nature Enriched
    Here's Brucey

    I don;t know who was more excited about my husband catching a shark, my kids or my husband!

    – My kids had the opportunity to catch (or try to) Fiddler crabs, mud minnows, shrimp, and hermit crabs. They also got to see their dad catch a baby shark. They learned about the tides, and brought home all sorts of cool (free) seashells (that we will turn into crafts later).

  4. Variety

    My Little Mermaid

    My daughter enjoyed the pirate show and dinner with her cousins and grammy!

    low tide

    Our son hated High tide, but never wanted to leave during low tide.

    – The kids had plenty to do! They could fly a kite, go fishing, swim at the beach, watch tv, visit tourist attractions, or just swimg on the porch. They never once said “I’m Bored!”


  1. Sun Burn
    Red Face sore shoulders

    This was taken 2 days after the initial sunburn. Poor kiddo. She’s fine now

    -Our kids are from Florida, and are used to beach sun. Our Ohio family, however, got burned after day 1. We managed to hit the beach in the early evening, but they were still uncomfortable.

  2. Water Dangers
    Cherry Grove Jelly

    Some of the dangers in the water.

    – The locals were constantly warning us of Sharks and Jelly fish. The kids were too young to be aware, so we had to be extra cautious.

  3. Clean Up
    – After a week at the beach, I am still trying to get sand out of everything! I have cooking ware that was never outside, that had SAND in it!

These lists were based on the assumption that both vacations would be in a house, where you could cook for your families, and not have to eat out as much. Personally, I felt like the beach house was a better fit physically, financially, and emotionally. When we planned with 4 other families, this was just easiest for everyone. I hope this post is helpful and insightful for others. Please tell me YOUR preferances of vacations,

and why! Feel free to share with others who you think might also benefit.

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  1. Reply Connie Holtz

    Give me the beach! It allows chill time and a time to talk and catch up on what every one is up to.

  2. Reply Malary Brown

    I am more of a Theme Park adrenaline junkie! I love to see my kids have the same experience and joy I used to get while on a roller coaster or seeing a disney character

  3. Reply Suzanne

    Love this…. The sunburn sucked…. She will only swim in the indoor pool so she doesn’t get burnt!

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