My 4th Ink


                For years, I’ve wanted to cover my right lower leg (Knee to ankle) in tats. Most people get sleeves, well I want a sock. I can cover it easily (to avoid negative judgment), if needed. I can also show it off (without being slutty)   easily. Currently I have 4 tattoos. 3 relatively large ones, and my tiny first one.

thismomhere showing off her new tattoo 2

               Yesterday, May 16, 2015, My husband bought my 4th Ink. I wanted something that represented my husband, but NO NAMES. I wanted something with the “Mehndi” Style. Mehndi, is like the Henna tattoo look. Many women with an Indian background put henna tattoos on their body for their weddings. I thought If I have the Mehndi style tattoo, it could represent my wedding. Finally, I decided on the table centerpiece from my wedding!

Finding the artist to tat with a mehndi style was my next task. After visiting a handful of shops, I was slightly discouraged. I was either told that you can’t do Mehndi with tattoo ink. Or the artists shrugged me off and said yea I can do it when do you want to come in……

Call me a jerk, but I’m not going to pay you $150 an hour and not know what the heck you’re going to be putting on me. Some people are trusting like that….


not so much

Thanks to good old Instagram, my artist found me!!!! I saw his work, I contacted him, HE DREW SOMETHING UP FOR ME, and I made an appointment!! It just fell into place. It was my late Mother’s Day gift from my husband. It was truly the best gift I’ve ever gotten on Mother’s Day!  Now my only problem is….


inspiration for the new tattoo

Neither my husband, nor my artist will ever understand how this tattoo made me feel.

In fact, I’m not even adequately explaining to you, why this tattoo is so precious. Either way,




thismomhere showing off her new tattoo

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