Little Bit Disease


I have this disease. . . It stops me from excelling in ANYTHING. I struggle to keep it under control. it’s called “Little Bit Disease.” It has been professionally diagnosed by myself. You see, this disease hinders me from being GREAT at ANYTHING. I can only do a little bit of EVERYTHING. . .

               I have attempted all sorts of crafting. Scrapbooking, left me broke. I now have tones of papers, scissors, glues, and photos stuffed in a box (taking up room). Woodworking left me broke. My garage was turned into piles of wood (and all sorts of tools) that I don’t know what to do with. Deco mesh/wreath making left me broke. WHAT ELSE CAN YOU DO WITH DECO MESH?!?!? All you pinterest moms, that was a rhetorical question.

a crafting project thismomhere is working onthismomhere crafted a wreath for her grandma

Fine Arts are always a good laugh. Yes I can hold a note, but don’t make it too high or too low. Otherwise, you will be cringing of pain in your ears. Dancing is always fun, but unless you can split, flip, and are under the age of 25, you just look ridiculous (at least I do). I tried some modeling out. . . I’m too curvy to be skinny, but too modest to use my curves for promotional money.

               Fitness, oh how I loathe fitness! So I am capable of being stick thin, but I am also capable of being beastly muscular. Either way, my genes are pretty generous to me. The only problem is, ME!!!

thismomhere showing off her arm muscles, 1 year progress


Likes ice cream, cookies, and anything else that’s sweet and bad for you. I also like to drink, which doesn’t help me in the fitness realm. I could have no life, and train like a machine, or diet like a runway model (that I’m actually too short to be). Then my family would be eating birthday cake, and going to Disney while I diet or train.

Then there is this website I am blessed to have a web savvy husband who put this together for me, but I can’t do anything without him, BECAUSE I DONT KNOW HOW TO WORK WITH THIS TECHNOLOGY. My knowledge stops at the iphone and social media. I also have a love for writing. I wrote 2 and am currently working on my 3 children’s book… But I am clueless on how to get published

(if you are a literary agent or author please feel free to contact me)!




a picture of this mom here

Is being a little dramatic. Maybe this “Little Bit Disease” is all in my head.

One day, I plan on pulling my head out of my …

One day, I plan on making crafts with my adult children…

One day, I plan on working steadily in the entertainment business…

One day, I plan on making fitness a way of life, not a pain in the …

One day, I plan on going on the Ellen Show and telling her just how started

One day, I plan on reading one of my many children’s books to my grandchildren.

Dear God, Please guide me where you want me to go. I am here and willing. Help me choose a path and never look back!

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