5 Tips to Keep Your Sanity During the Summer


Summers are time for road trips, water fun, and sunny days with your kids. It’s also time for complaining kids, even messier houses, and TV overload. My family runs into all of the above. I have spoken with a handful of moms, looked over social media, and compiled 5 tips that could help moms endure and enjoy the entire summer.

Summertime tips for parents

  1. Have a Plan- This mom here, is a bit OCD. I actually printed out a monthly calendar. I have the kids doing something every day (Mon-Fri). I kept it as simple as possible.
    Every Monday is beach from 9am-11:15am.
    Each week we go to the library, and a park.
    We see a dollar movie every week.
    We go to one major park (like a zoo) a week (to keep the $$ down).
    we go to the pool or a city water park once a week.
    That’s 5 days right there.
    Then we repeat every week (with different water parks, pool, movies, and theme parks).both kids playing at the beach
  2. Keep it Simple- Summers don’t have to be pricey. I hit up the dollar stores every 2 weeks and ration out the goodies so the kids have something new each day. Play time, naptime, TV time, book time, craft time. There’s plenty to do without emptying you wallet.dads in the pool with the kids
  3. House work is always there- Don’t stress about the messier house. You are engaging with your kids. That is more important than cleaning floors. Don’t get me wrong, I am doing laundry, and cleaning dishes while the kids are watching a movie, or playing. But if I leave a load of clothes in the dryer overnight, it’s not the end of the world.
  4. Be Flexible- Rain likes to interrupt our days occasionally. On those days, we have more paint out, longer TV time, and Living room tents out all day. Change of plans doesn’t mean less adventures.kids hanging out in the car
  5. Take Pictures- Your kids grow too fast not to snap their sweet face and save it. If you have older kids, they could even make scrapbooks with you. My 6 year old even likes cutting and pasting pictures with me.AJ with a Minion

Comment below, share some of your favorite summer time activities.

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