Dear Hayden Elizabeth


2 months without a post…. This was on my heart. To anyone with a dusty past, and a little girl, I get it.



My Dearest Hayden Elizabeth,
I am so grateful to be called your mom. You have kept me together in so many ways, you will never fully understand your importance in my life. I know I haven’t been the best mother to you, and for that, I am truly sorry. I have not made the best decisions in life. I hope when you live life you turn out 100 times better than me. Despite all this, I do have some things I want to tell you about life decisions. When you live life….

toothless hayden
1. Anyone Who Make YOU Cry; They Deserves Nothing but YOUR Back.
– You have a pure heart. You don’t need to get back at them or hurt them more… Get back at them with YOUR success. Move forward and don’t ever look back. God will take care of them, you work on YOU.

sick hayden

  1. Don’t Let your Pride Effect your Life.
    – Never judge ANYTHING OR ANYONE ON APPEARANCE. They will surprise you if you keep your heart and mind open to every possibility.

    pic day

  2. It is NEVER too Late.
    – If EVER you feel like you are making a wrong decision, talk to someone. Don’t be like me…………….. Don’t suck it up. You always have a choice, and you always have someone to talk to. God hears your heart even when you don’t talk to him. You are not alone.

    jolly roger

  3. Give it a Shot.
    – If it won’t hurt your mind, body, or soul TRY IT OUT! You may find something you never knew that made you feel so alive.

    Old Lady

    100th Day of school

One day, maybe I will tell you where this letter came from. For now, just know I want nothing but the very best for you. I Love you in so many ways, but I lack the emotions to express  it to you, my sweet girl. You are a heart Gold, and God gave me you for reasons I can’t explain. I’m the lucky one. I Love You, Hayden Elizabeth.

me n mommy

Always Your Mom,

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