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I have been gone for a while, but as some of you may know… I GOT A NEW JOB!! I am a 4th grade Language Arts and Social Studies teacher. This is a whole new experience for me. I am totally lost, to be honest with you. I am waking up at 5:15AM just to get me and my two kids ready.
My first week of school went like this
My first day of work was actualy the school’s open house! I left my house at 6:50AM, and got home at 8PM.
My son managed to get sick after a day and a half.
Between the Jewish holiday, and my sick boy, I only worked 3 days.
In those 3 days, I worked 33 hours……. Not including the 2 weekend days I worked.

rough day

Left was my day off. Right was after 10+ hours of work…

I am excited for the new adventures, but I already miss my family.
Please comment with some advice.
from meal preps, morning and evening routines, to efficient teacher planning.


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  1. Reply Mandy

    Haha Christine I get up at 4:15 every morning – get all three ready then myself drop them off for daycare clock in at 6:30 for extreme manual labor, clock out at 2:30 and get the 2 kids from school at 3:30 and at least one if not 2 appts a week just for jordan- lol I cook and do dishes and laundry and baths and are still on my feet at 8pm every evening – for 5 years – call text or FaceTime sometime girl-

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