Why I never should have given up Scrapbooking


I started scrapbooking in 2006. I was pretty bad at first, but eventually got the hang of it. There were 3 irritating issues I had with it.

  1. It was time consuming
  2. It was messy
  3. It was pricey

Up until 2009 those issues never made me want to stop my hobby.

My separation from my husband did. Since 2009 I’ve gone through depression, college, giving birth to another child, and got remarried…

There have been times where I want to try this again, but I simply can’t. I feel like the person I was in 2009 died with the marriage that was lost.

Don’t get me wrong, I DO NOT wish to have my previous life back! I am blessed and grateful where I am now. I just can’t come around to scrapbooking. What’s worse is that, I can’t scrapbook, BUT I CAN’T GET RID OF ALL MY SUPPLIES EITHER!!

Well certain events happened this weekend that made me WISH I had never stopped scrapbooking. My 6 yr old accidentally BROKE my External hard drive. The hard drive can be replaced, the 2-3 years worth of pictures on it can’t. If I didn’t post a picture on Social media, I no longer have it. I wanted to keep my laptop’s storage freed up (in case it crashed one day), so I stored EVERYTHING on my hard drive (I thought they were safer from crashing).

If I had only scrapped those pictures to one day give to my grandchildren, I would still have them to cherish myself. You see, my own grandmother suffers from dementia. Let me tell you, Dementia is a CRUEL disease that steals your personal recollection of recent events. It is almost impossible to hold a conversation with my Grandma.

One day if I get this same disease (which is very well possible), I want to have photos of my years.

Yes 2-3 years is a small amount, but it is a BIG enough amount of time LOST, that I am FINALLY considering starting back up. I may start small with just photo albums, but I know my creative heart will expand as I allow myself to start enjoying my hobby. Once I stop dwelling about my very hurtful past, my future projects will Glow!

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