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In honor of the new minion movie coming out, I decided to make this post.

My 2 year old is currently obsessed with the first two “Despicable Me” movies (actually he’s only obsessed with the minions).AJ with a Minion

So after watching both movies twice every day, I came up with 3 benefits every mom deserves. If Gru gets all these things, this mom here should get a piece of the pie!

  1. Every mom deserves a minion for every child, pet, husband, and room they have to feed or clean.

    I would have more sleep and less wine in a day if I had a minion to tag team with me. I would feed them ice cream during happy hour everyday!!

  2. The U.S. should distribute a freeze ray to every parent.
    freeze ray

    This would prevent so many boo boos from falling or tripping. We could also freeze those big bad bullies, who pick on our sweet, innocent, angelic children (when they are sleeping!). It would also be nice to freeze our kids’ mouths while they are whining!

  3. If Gru gets an underground warehouse, so should this mom here!!

    I promise I would only have my craft supplies, rom coms, taylor swift cds, and bed down there! So I wouldn’t use it as a hideaway from my real life.

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