3 Things when Considering 3 Kids


So the hubby and I were discussing life, and somehow or another we started talking about a 3rd child. We come from small families ourselves. I’m an only child, and he has one Brother. I decided to reach out to my mommies of 3 or more. I can honestly say, I was surprised by ALL their responses!! I knew they wouldn’t say, “I HATE MY LIFE WITH 3 KIDS.” However, I did expect them to say things they missed or wished they would have done first. NONE of my friends said ANY of that. On the flip side, they ALL said something along the lines of:

Smile for the camera

When AJ didn’t want to Smile, we decided to follow his lead!

1. Life can be CRAZY with 3
2. 3 can be hard at times
3. I would never change it for the world
4. I Love having 3 kids
5. I think you should go for it

Every single mom told me the 5 listed above. Few mentioned, sleep is nonexistent. Grocery trips are rough on the wallet. I was amazed how all of them had a similar answer. I am grateful for all the moms who I spoke with.

Here are the 3 things my husband and I agreed were MAJOR Factors
(for our family at least).

  1. Financial- That’s 3 cars (and the insurance to go with it), 3 colleges, 3 weddings, 5 Disney Tickets, 5 Plane
    Tickets, etc… I understand, that Alex and I can plan accounts for the future (and we are), but it’s
    still a lot of money.
  2. Space- Can our cars hold 2 car seats and a booster? Which children can share a room? Later on, where are you
    going to park 5 cars in your 2 car driveway? Can the living room seat all 5 of you at a time? Can the
    DINING ROOM TABLE seat all 5 of you?

    Tight Squeeze

    Not sure how comfortable another car seat will be in this vehicle.

3. Time- Who is going to dance class, karate, and baseball? How does the first day of school get divvied up
between 2 parents? When do mom and dad get down time? Are we ready and able to give another child
our time? We struggle giving our 2 and 6 year enough individual time.

#thismomhere would LOVE to hear what you have to say on this matter! I know many moms who would also like to know what to expect. What do you think when it comes to having 3 kids in your family?

GA Stop

Made a stop in GA during our SC road trip

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  1. Reply Sarah Donoso

    #thismomhere does not personally intend on having 3 kids. Lol. But I did grow up in a house with 3 kids.

    Finances were always a struggle for my family but I don’t think it was ever that third child (which was me…hehe) that made it that way. As for the 3 cars, Hayden may likely be somewhat financially independent by time the third child is ready to drive…there is a pretty good age gap there. And no one says each kid has to have their own car or that you have to buy it for them. I bought my own first car. And remember, not every friend you had, had their own car. And they were OK and likely had more appreciation for what they had when they did get it. As for trips, you might need to consider how important traveling is to you. But I think if a third came along you probably wouldn’t miss the trips you missed out on.

    Space? I have been in your house. You have enough space. You might just choose to rearrange a few things, but the space is there. I suggest that you keep the rooms same sex for obvious reasons. If a kid has a sleepover and shares a room, then the sleepover room is the living room.

    As for time, quality is more important than quantity. I think children need to know that you love them and I don’t think they need one on one time to know that. Although one on one time can create great bonding moments, I think that there is a lot to be said for family time. And it will also help keep your kid a little more distant from the “me” mentality that is so prominent in today’s society. As for the first day of school, Hayden will be very independent by time the third makes their way through the hallway doors.

    Now, the real question should be “what if we have twins!?”

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