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Usually Monday through Friday, I am potty training, cleaning, folding, chauffeuring, cooking… You get the picture. For a while, I felt like that was I was ever doing. So I made sure to have “ME” time. During this time, I would watch MY SHOW (probably little house on the prairie or dance moms…Don’t judge me), do my craft, lay out in the back yard. Whatever it was, it was something I WANTED TO DO FOR ME! I do something for myself daily. Same goes for my husband and I. We try to do something together at least 3 to 4 times a week. I spend most of my time with my kids and family as a whole,

thismomhere and her family at the zoo

but I also need to take care of my marriage. Most cases we have “our time” after bed time. It doesn’t require babysitters, and is still stress free. 1 to 4 times a month, we do ask our parents to watch out kiddos too (sometimes even our furbaby English Bulldog). I came up with a few cheap dates you could do with your spouse or significant other, that won’t break the bank.

Quality Dates without babysitters

Most of these are done during naptime and bed time. It’s the best way when you don’t have the extra money for a babysitter.

  1. Cheap Wine and Old Movie- Hit up your parents old DVD collection, or the $5 dollar movie bin at Walmart. While you’re there, stop by the wine aisle and grab that crappy 2 for $5 wine too. You can talk through the movie (because it’s probably corny, and you both have most likely seen it more than once already), and enjoy some nonchildren quiet time with the person that you enjoy most.
    thismomhere enjoying some champagne in wedding glasses
  2. Work of Art Wednesday- I am sure people hashtag this, but I just pulled it out of a top hat. All I mean is change it up. give painting a try. Maybe buy two wooden frames (that you buy to entertain your kids with) at Hobby Lobby or any craft store. buy a cheap little pack of paint, and paint each other a frame. Then put a picture in it later. It is cheesy, but still fun.husband painting new picture frame for thismomhere
  3. Work out Together- Yes I went there. I’m sorry…. We have run races, worked through Insanity Max 30, and dieted together. When you have someone to share the pain with you appreciate it just a little more. You make goals together, make time to work together, and in the end celebrate the outcome together. Hey, and if you work out together, you could shower together after!! I just went there. . .this mom here showing off her muscles and fitness progress

Babysitter Dates

  1. Beach- I live in South Florida so the beach I only have to pay for a babysitter (if our parents can’t watch the kids) and parking. Some of you may have a lake, river, pond?, or apartment complex pool. Go swim, layout (with sun protection of course), or drink wine by some water. You have your spouse all to yourself, maximize your time together.
    thismomhere enjoying the beach with husband
  2. Visit a Museum- Science, children’s, wax, art, ANYTHING! Go explore something. This could be a place that you normally can’t go to, because you 2 year old son is running and screaming every time you go out. NOW you can take your time and read, examine, and just stand in one spot (and not worry what your kids are not suppose to be touching)!!
    thismomhere looking fancy with husband
  3. TRY SOMETHING NEW!- Wanna go sky diving (I do, but he doesn’t)? Wanna get a tattoo? Wanna Ice Skate? Wanna go to a body art convention? GO FOR IT! Sometimes the hubby and I try stuff, and it’s not for us. The best part though, we still were together. If anything else, we can have some ice cream for the ride home.

    this mom here enjoying a face painting convention

    This was such a cool experience, to be someone’s canvas and work!

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