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Last year, I was in the best shape of my life. I had a “4 and a half Pack” showing in my abs, and I had good definition in my arms. I got this way from a challenge I found from Joe DeSena on He basically said that if you wanted to prepare for a Spartan Race (Which is on my bucket list), do Burpees. He continued with an interesting story, and told the audience his own awesome results. Well, I was curious enough to try it.

His Burpee challenge was 30 Burpees for 30 days straight. It was tough on the Saturday and Sunday afternoons to do this, but I pushed through. I ended up conditioning my body so much, halfway through the challenge I upped my reps. There were some days I did only 30, and others I did 100!!!

Here’s the Problem…

I stopped after only 3 weeks!!

3 week progress.

3 week progress.

I was SOOO close of completing my challenge, and life got in the way. Don’t get me wrong, I worked out on and off ever since, and sometime even more intense than the challenge. That challenge has been under my skin ever since.

So I decided I’m going to start another Burpee challenge. Where Each week You have to push yourself a little more. I am determined to finish this challenge in 30 days! If you are looking for something new, or are curious, please join in, and let me know how you’re doing, what your struggles are, and you can even tell me how much you hate me for making this challenge!

The challenge is called “This Mom Here 5 more Burpee Challenge.”

Start with a semi- comfortable amount of burpees you want to do. For me I wanted to start out with 60 burpees a day. Each day I am doing 4 sets of 15 Burpees. Which means, I’m doing 15 burpees, taking 1-2 minute break (drinking some water), and doing another 15 burpee, 1-2 min break, 15 burpees, 1-2 break, 15 burpees AND IM DONE!!

For some you may do more or you may do less. Some people may only do 4 sets of 5 burpees (or maybe even 3). Others may be doing 4 sets of 25burpees!! This challenge is for YOU to decide what’s best for YOU!! I do, however, recommend at least 20 a day (even if it’s modified burpees).


After your first week of Burpees (a whole 7 days, no breaks!), you will up your burpee reps by 3-5! So next week for me I will be doing 4 sets of 18 (I’m lazy, I should be doing 20, but I probably won’t). If you are doing 4 sets of 5 a day, next week you will be doing 4 sets of 8, 9, or 10. You Choose! Whatever you choose, stick with it!

Week 3, you will up your reps an additional 3-5 reps. I plan on doing 4 sets of 21 by week 3, but everyone chooses for themselves how much they want to push themselves.

Week 4, Will be your last 3-5 rep increase. I will be doing 4 sets of 25 burpees by week 4. My ultimate goal was to be able to 7 days of 100 burpees. Your goal may be 2 weeks of 100 burpees. Others may be 84 burpees in one week.

This challenge was meant for you to focus on making your own goals, and reaching them. Bigger results come from pushing harder. HOWEVER, if someone hasn’t worked out in 10 yrs and accomplishes 30 days of burpees, it is an accomplishment no matter how many they did

5 days into my challenge!

5 days into my challenge!

Down below, I have attached the video, that inspired me a year ago. I also posted some demonstrations of a proper Burpee. There is also modified burpees for individuals who have bad knees, or any other physical condition that is prohibiting them from participating.  I also have a printable month calendar you can write your goals amount each day, and how much you did each day. Then you can also put you total week amount done, and even month progress.


Here is a chart that you could basically use for any challenge really. You can see how I’ve been using it in my 2nd photo. Click the image below to download the This Mom Here Fitness Challenge Chart!


I hope you see this as an exciting adventure, and choose to continue working for another goal after the 30 days.

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