Top 4 Toddler Life Savers for Theme Parks


So we did it, we survived a family trip to Universal Studios and Island of Adventure! I have to say, we All had a blast. My youngest (2 years old), had limit things to do at Islands, but he had a ton of fun at Universal. However, that being said, I did do some planning for him. Here is a list of our life savers for both our kids (2 &6 years old).

AJ with a Minion family of thismomhere posing with ET Plush

Top 4 Toddler Life Savers for Theme Parks

  1. Bouncy ball
    while we waited for sister to finish a ride, we often played with a bouncy ball. we bounced it again the wall, to each other, and to perfect strangers. I paid $1 for a pack of 3, so you can’t go wrong there!
  2. Stickers and journal
    Our son was sooo focused on trying to peel the sticker and place it in the journal  book. He also shared with friends and family. The sticker pack was also a $1 (for 500), and so was the journal. My 6 year old also wrote with her colored pencils in this Journal.riding rollercoaster with daughter
  3. POPCORN!!So I’m not one for paying extra for souvenir cups and what not, but THIS was a must this year. We paid $5.99 for a decent tub of popcorn. Our son LOVES popcorn. So we refilled that tub twice each day we were in the parks (we went  2 days). The refills cost $1.29. That was the cheapest snack we had, and everyone enjoyed it! This kept my son happy in his stroller while trekking through the park, and waiting for Sister to get off rides. The best park about this buy, is when we go back later this year we won’t have to pay the initial $6 again. We also got the Souvenir drink cup too. That was for mom and dad to be unhealthy and drink soda though (I brought the kids juice boxes and water).
  4. Extra Hands
    AJ on a theme park ride with grandpa
    My husband and I didn’t want to feel split up the entire trip. So we were blessed to have my In-Laws come along. We divvied up the kids, and my husband and I went with one kiddo and my in-laws went with the other. So neither group of adults got bored we met up every hour or so and switched. This was a big game changer and stress relieving!

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