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Quality Dates That are Healthy for the Wallet

thismomhere enjoying the beach with husband

Usually Monday through Friday, I am potty training, cleaning, folding, chauffeuring, cooking… You get the picture. For a while, I felt like that was I was ever doing. So I made sure to have “ME” time. During this time, I would watch MY SHOW (probably little house on the prairie or dance moms…Don’t judge me), […]

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My 4th Ink

thismomhere getting a new tattoo

                For years, I’ve wanted to cover my right lower leg (Knee to ankle) in tats. Most people get sleeves, well I want a sock. I can cover it easily (to avoid negative judgment), if needed. I can also show it off (without being slutty)   easily. Currently I have 4 tattoos. 3 relatively large ones, and […]

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